Backup and Disaster Recovery

Does your backup and disaster recovery plan let you sleep at night?

We often think of disasters such as fire, theft, and storm damage as a risk to our technology. In reality, user deletion, hardware failure, and malware destruction are the primary reasons for data loss.
100% of users accidentally delete files.
More than 50% of companies experienced a downtime event in the past five years that lasted longer than a full workday.1
93% of businesses without disaster recovery who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year.2
Data in the cloud is not automatically safe without a backup solution.
As part of our Technology Success Platform, we'll help you design a backup strategy to protect your critical data and help you develop a disaster recovery plan for critical systems so your business has a plan to recover from disaster, should it strike.

Our Technology Success Platform Includes

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning
Local + Offsite Backup Solutions
Backup Monitoring and Testing
Co-Location Services
Data Footprint Auditing


Call us or schedule an appointment to learn more about how we help you sleep at night.
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